(May say: a “CUCCIOLO” miracle)


I had a nice surprise to find your web-site dedicated to the “CUCCIOLO” motor which was, without any doubt, one of the most important tools that people had, after the finish of the second war, to solve there transportation problem in a very cheaper and practical way. That finding inspires me to make this narration to you.

In the year of 1950 I was a boy that have completed 17 years old, and was coursing the last year to get the mechanical bachelor degree, in the OTTO KRAUSE TECHNICAL SCHOOL of Buenos Aires – Argentina. A very old Legnano bike did my personal transportation for short distances and, at that time, one of the bikes stores of my neighborhood import a few “CUCCIOLO” motors, a very exiting and new equipment totally unknown for all of us. Immediately to see the small motor in the store, a great idea come to sight in my mind: “Whether could buy that motor, it would be possible to transform my old bike in a motorcycle!” In fact, that idea should realize my dream to travel in the routes to visit friends that live in other cities or neighborhoods, in a totally free and independent way, at every moment that I would wont and at a very low cost. Well, it was easy to image that one day after have saw the motor throw the store window, I already was bending forward of my design board and ready to start the project in order to transform the old bike in a motorcycle.
I confess that the work was not easy and take about 6 to 7 months, on which not only spent several nocturne hours at the design board and a few hours consulting my teachers, but also made several research to find oldest spare parts scraped, to make possible the construction of my motorized bike according to the design, which includes brake drums and shock absorbers in both wheels. During that part of the work, also was needed to take care of the financial schedule to preview and solve the main costs (obviously the “CUCCIOLO” motor was the highest cost) and made consults to some tool shops in order to get license to use their welding equipment and turning, milling and drilling machines. Finally, in order to have a good financial support to the project, I take a decision to turn me a young teacher, giving reposition lessons of math’s and physics to one group of boys and girls that lives in my neighborhoods, during the summer school holydays. That activity had a very high success and, after 3 months, the lessons made possible to get enough money to make the first payment to the “CUCCIOLO” motor and also start the construction of the new bike frame, introducing the necessary changes in the old “Legnano” bike frame.
After more three months of hard work and many lessons, my NEW BIKE was ready. The day that I take a main route for the first time and the win does appear some tears from my eyes, I think from myself: “NOTHING BETTER THAN THIS BIKE MUST ASK TO GOD; THAT’S ALL I NEED TO BE HAPPY FOR THE REST OF THE LIFE”.
“POCHITA” really made appear in myself a great passion to motorcycles for the whole life… Since in the beginning the small bike was projected into the normal street version, after a few months it receive more technical changes in order to increase its motor power and make possible to take part in some races, which at that time take place in my country, all of them specially for “CUCCIOLO bikes”. Today, have completed 71 years old, and sometimes go to the route on my present bike, one HONDA 750 – FOUR, and tried to feel the same sensation of my first bike travel... However, in despite of the several, fantastic and very beauty bikes I have had or have drive on my life, the memory of the small “POCHITA” take place in my mind every moment as a most beautiful remembrance.


Luckless, my economical sources at that remote time didn’t permit take a picture of my first bike when it was construct. However, because the “POCHITA” project and also its construction were full made by myself, the most important details are already very present on my mind. For this reason, after finding of your web site and the “CUCCIOLO” photo-gallery, where the visitors have the opportunity to appreciate several pictures of rather similar bikes, I had the idea to make a draw of MY FIRST BIKE, on my computer, and send it to you. So, on the top of this message you can find that drawing, on its street version, and a little bit ahead also the “racing version”. Both drawing was made using the AutoCad drawing tool and, after that, was transported to this “Word” file.

I really hope you can open the file and like of my “POCHITA” – 1950 model!

I would like to finish transmitting you my congratulation for the high quality of your CUCCIOLO web site. It’s really very good!

Sincerely yours,

Luis Hector San Juan
VECTORING Project Ltd.
R. Cabo Frio 664
86062-630 – Londrina – PR